The Teton

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Product photos don’t necessarily depict what your wallet will look like. This is a custom listing that allows you to choose your leather and thread. 

The Teton is a unique wallet built around the world famous Fisher space pen and the Ansgar Leather Mini Journal. The Teton features one main pocket which has capacity for over 6 cards and 6 holds a lot for its compact size. The v cut allows for easy access to the contents despite it being a one pocket design. The Teton also has two straps, the front strap keeps the pocket closed to ensure you don't lose any valuable cash or cards during your adventures and the back strap holds a mini journal for quick access so you can jot something down. The Teton also has two slits which allow the Fisher space pen to slide into. This unique method of holding the space pen keeps it secure yet accessible. This small 1 pocket wallet keeps your essentials all together so you don't have to be fumbling around your pockets. 

You can choose to purchase the Teton with or without the pen slot. A great function of the Teton is the ability for other pens to fit in the pen slot, most pens are longer so it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as with the space pen but its still just as functional! 

Each Teton comes with a 2 pack of unlined journals and additional refills are available for purchase as well.

There are four leather options with 15 thread options. for contrasting strap colors see the separate listing.