The materials used to create our products are of the highest quality to ensure longevity. The thread and leather I use is produced here in America. Please check back for updates and new releases. I also have a number of unique pieces of leather for custom orders. Feel free to message me for information on other available options. 


I currently use leather from the Acadia Leather tannery for all my wallets and accessories unless otherwise noted.


My current offerings are shown below.


Autumn Harvest by Acadia Leather

This leather was here for our fall release but is in our normal rotation now! It is a dark brown that has accents of cherry red. Autumn harvest has a waxed top that creates a beautiful pull up effect. This leather is here for a limited time so make sure you get your order in soon! 

Black Harvest by Acadia Leather

The Black Harvest has a smooth grain and little to no pull up. If you love black leather this option is the choice for you. The edge bond together for a beautiful burnish.


English Tan Harvest by Acadia Leather

English Tan Harvest is a light brown leather that has beautiful grain and a lighter tan pull up. This leather is exceptionally soft and is beautiful to the eye and the touch.


Wilde Moon (Grey) by Acadia Leather 

A beautiful grey leather that has a soft waxed feel. This leather is full of character and adds great variety for someone who has plenty of brown/black leather items.


On some of my products like the Two Tone Elbert and my keychains I offer a Horween Leather. This leather is a Chromexcel type leather. It has a very tight grain and is stuffed with waxes and oils which creates a very durable leather with rich beautiful pull up. I currently offer Brown, Black, Burgundy and Navy. Please note the Navy is a very dark navy and the color mainly comes out as it ages and wears. 



I use thread from Maine Thread Co. I have 5 colors in stock but can always order a custom color is you request before placing your order! 



My notebooks are supplied by Beech Tree Paper Company.