Ansgar Leather Company was formed in the heart of Virginia, in a small town at the foot of the blue ridge mountains. There I discovered my love for mountains, adventure and exploration. Born from that love was a desire for high quality goods that would endure in the harsh mountain environment while maintaining a stylish aesthetic for everyday use.


Ansgar Leather relocated to St. Louis in the summer of 2019, paving the way for a new adventure in the gateway city. Over two hundered years ago the Corp of Discovery, led by Louis and Clark set off, to explore a new unknown land. We love working in a city that has such a rich history of adventure and exploration. This city serves as a symbol to many as the gateway to the west and the beginning of adventure. My hope is that my products will awaken the spirit of adventure in you, and serve as a reminder to adventures once had.

We believe in the practice of making things by hand with high quality materials. All of our leather products are created in St. Louis from top grain leather that is sourced from tanneries in America and Italy. 

Why Ansgar?

Ansgar is my fathers middle name, he was born in Norway. We share the same first name and unfortunately he did not give me his awesome middle name so I decided to use it for my business. My father is a hard worker and has always been gifted with his hands. He is a carpenter, I am a leatherworker but I hope to bring his same work ethic to my products.