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Hello my name is Svein. I am currently a teacher in St. Louis Missouri. I started Ansgar Leather Company while I was teaching in Virginia, in a small town at the foot of the blue ridge mountains. I relocated to St. Louis and am very excited for this next chapter for Ansgar Leather Company. My desire to create wallets, journals and other accessories out of leather came from a need for a creative outlet and a passions for handcrafted items that are one of a kind. Leather is a unique material, it will age and wear well as it is used. As you tell stories about your adventures these leather products also tell their own stories.

Why Ansgar?

Ansgar is my fathers middle name, he was born in Norway. We share the same first name and unfortunately he did not give me his awesome middle name so I decided to use it for my business. My father is a hard worker and has always been gifted with his hands. He is a carpenter, I am a leatherworker but I hope to bring his same work ethic to my products.